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Your Computer Has A Soul (And Other Daytime Stories)— Personal

2020 Print

Machine Learning

An exersize in taking very human concepts and letting computers talk to us about them through words we can all relate to and understand. A lot of these views are personal to me, but I hope they can resonate with you as well.

When I was young, I had the perception that even inanimate objects could have feelings and “souls,” and were happy when you took care of them, and conversely felt hurt if you misused or mistreated them. I think it started with a Teddy Ruxpin or something, being told that a little computer teddy bear cared about me really stuck with me as a kid. Thanks, marketers.

During Inktober in 2020, I created a page each day for this zine, creating a world and narrative. It turned into something really exciting for me and I hope you can share in that too.

I’m currently printing and selling these zines, and if you’d like to pick up a copy, they are available at my shop here! Alternatively, ask me for a glimpse sometime and I’d be happy to share the flip through!

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