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Pleased to meet you. ︎

I’m Nathaniel Edmiston, an art director, graphic designer, illustrator and animator living in Royal Oak, Michigan with my cat Luna.

I graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design from LTU in 2015. Since then, I’ve had 8 years of experience with advertising and marketing. My current experience includes work with automotive, financial, healthcare, athletic, and non-profit clients — from Fortune 500s to startups, from scrappy to established.

I’d love to work with you - I’m currently available for commissions, collaborations, and projects.

Fact blast.
Black Lives Matter!
My favorite things in life are music and design.
I’ve lived in 5 different states, and love cats.
VHS and cassette tapes warm my soul.
My favorite word is “blast.”

︎ Resume
☯ Updated September 2020
︎ Soundcloud
☯ Recording as Morning Language
☯ Work dates back to 2012

Friends & partnerships. ☯
If you like me, give my friends a chance too. They helped get me where I am today.

Blake Yard
Photography &  bikes
Andrew Kozinski
Creative mastermind & memery
Doug Everhart
Branding creative & digital illustration
Brach Goodman
Illustrator & art director
Cody Barz
Copywriting & video direction
Ken Villapando
Digital creative & art director
Jon Wilcox
Illustration & design
Krista Wiegand
Design & art direction
Benjamin Miller
Design, producion & illustration
Max Majoros
AIllustration & animation
Jackie Holland
Copywriting & strategy
Patrick Mack
Video editing & production

Chelsey Eichler
Art & creative direction
Sarah Mack
Art & creative direction
Chris Grauwiler
Creative direction & illustration

Dino Valdez Jr
Painting & branding

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