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Zine: Circuitry — Personal

2014 Print

Ghost In The Machine

Part of my education at Lawrence Technological University was going through an expertly taught Independent Publishing class. In the class, we were tasked to come up with a full publication - be it a zine, book, comic, or otherwise.

Something that’s always fascinated me through life is computers - and personifying them. Giving them a soul, life, purpose. For my publication, I explored a quick look into a computer (modeled loosely off of the Macintosh Plus, a favorite design of mine not just for the hardware but for Susan Kare’s icon set) who had problems updating its software. The book includes photos glitched using various software and laid to create a story arc of entropy gone wrong.

Also created were a 3-D model, posters, and handout cards. They were first made available for sale at the Detroit Art Book Fair in the summer of 2014, under our “Extra Pulp” imprint.

There are still some copies available at my shop!

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