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User Account Walkthrough — TMS

2019 UI & Animation

Snack-sized knowledge.

In the world of mortgages, the call centers take the hottest heat. Our ask was to remove some of the pressure from them in delivering creative that helps provide information upfront, leading to less questions asked. Put the power in the hands of the people!

Working closely with the copywriters and coders, we worked to deliver an experience that helps make sense of opening a TMS account on the website, or app. Showing how to set up autopay, where to change your address, and accessing your bills and transcripts were just part of what we found creative ways to show.

When creating this project, I wanted to keep every audience in mind, so I designed them to be exported as HTML5 animations that fit every browser type and screen size. Using After Effects, the most excellent  Bodymovin plugin, and some troubleshooting with developers, we were able to make this a reality.

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