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Subservicing Flyers — TMS

2019 Print & Marketing Collateral

Happiness You Can Hold

TMS operated a subservicing wing, which to mortgage outsiders means they will sell their services to other mortgage or loan companies, and service them on behalf of the company. This wing of the company needed some marketing love however, because it isn’t as pretty to talk about as some of the other work TMS does.

The creative team answered the call and rose to the solution by creating a series of brochures that would be handed out at tradeshows - what follows is the layout and creative for those flyers.

The flyers created a design language and writing style that was repurposed for use in posts done on LinkedIn, and for language and imagery for an email campaign.

My role started with concepting, creating the original layout and design language, making most of the graphic elements, converting graphics made from the TMS website for use in print, laying out all 10 flyers (front and back), and making the file print-ready.

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