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Creative Work Reels — MRM Detroit and Cadillac

2016-2017 Videos

Innovation through Reflection

As an initiative to involve our new Cadillac client hires, these videos were developed to establish a narrative on all the work produced at MRM//McCann for Cadillac. As internal pieces, they were used in presentations and pitches for new clients who wanted to understand the relationship between the two companies, and as a way for us to brag about the boundary-breaking work our teams could produce.

Not only did this net us more work at the agency, but Tamy Harms - the Detroit office president - used these as an example for MRM//McCann as a company on how to deliver content and be as effective as possible in pitches - largely because of how successful they are.

My role was compiling footage, storyboarding, audio mixing, designing the motion graphics and the final edit. I had help from a lovely and supportive team.

2016 Work Reel

2017 Work Reel

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