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Amusement Totality— Personal

2022-2023 20” x 24” Poster

Everything, Everywhere

Sometimes, people will ask me how I find out what I want to draw. There’s not a huge secret - sometimes it’s just clips of what I hear from people around me, thoughts swarming my head, the inevitable coffee mug sat across from me.

For times when inspiration is sparse, I end up drawing anything, and everything. Every fleeting thought becomes something I can draw. A symbol, a slice of bread, a polaroid, a soda can... weave it all into a cosmic tapestry.

This project took about three months of on and off work, done at a weekly sketching meetup I frequent in Royal Oak, and you can see the totals for how long I spent on it here:

I hope to make a production of this in the future, so check back!

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