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Menu Mural — Muncheez

2021 Paint

Canvas of Crave

Working with my partner-in-crime Doug Everhart, I illustrated the menu items for the restaurant Muncheez in Sterling Heights, MI. At first the request was just for a menu, and maybe some vinyl graphics for the restaurant. With the help of Doug, we were able to push to get a mural painted in the restaurant!

The mural consists of my illustrations turned into a full-bleed wall full of happy menu items. Hot dogs, tacos, fries, peppers, onions, chips, burritos, tomatoes... it has it all. And it was a blast to make. The slow progress of seeing the illustrations fill in all the space on the wall was incredibly fulfilling. If you ever take a trip out there, I’d love to hear what you think of the wall, too! And try their tacos - they’re a real treat.

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