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Dynamic Content Pitches — Buick & GMC

2015-2016 Videos

Relationships through Relevancy

As part of our growing desire to bring relevant content to Buick & GMC owners, our Buick & GMC creative team at MRM//McCann worked on mocking up and pitching two in-depth campaigns we titled “Dynamic Content.” Titled as such because they would adapt to the owner - if they already purchased a car, there would be elements that instead directed them toward accessories or other ideas to keep them involved and engaged. If they purchased accessories, we wanted to push for less “hard sell” and more “brand engagement.”

Videos were pitched for both Buick and GMC and recieved exceptionally well, pushing our clients to help expand our roles in content creation and as thought leaders.

My role was the motion graphics, editing, and sound design for the videos, and art direction for the mockups.

Pitch to GMC

Pitch to Buick

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