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CRM Creative — GMC

2015-2017 Interdisciplinary

CRM Creative Work Examples for GMC

Included in this collection is work created as creative at MRM Detroit for GMC. My role as an art director was to carry the brand image forward in all methods of communication, be it email, print, video, and otherwise.

Engaging Graphic Treatments

In pushing to be more creative, I helped deliver content that not only was relevant and beautiful, but that also pushed the boundary of our communications. We had rarely touched GIFs until our team pitched it, and some of the GIFs I created were sent out in our CRM.

Liftgate Tip for Acadia Owners

We wanted to bring content to people who already had GMC vehicles, not just new owners. Part of the concept was tips, both text and visual, but this was new territory for us at MRM, where we pushed for video.

Role: Titles, concepting, assistant director of photography

Lease-End Statement Stuffer

Created for GMC owners at the end of their lease cycle to inform and entice them with new GMC vehicles.

Terrain Launch Email

Creative layout for the launch of the new (at the time) Terrain. Desktop view, scrollable.

Mobile view, scrollable.

Millionth Denali Email

Creative layout for the email announcing that the one millionth Denali had been sold. I also created the cinemagraph masthead image - viewable above in the page. Desktop view, scrollable.

Mobile view, scrollable.

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