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Irrational Assemblage — DetroitSHOP

2015 Publication

A Strange Journey

Mark Dineen and Amy Swift, who make up DetroitSHOP, had a class of architects, engineers, designers, and other creatives going through their early Masters classes. What they didn’t have however was a way to show off all the crazy, insightful, exciting work of their students.

I was asked to put together this book after getting attention from the faculty for the work I did on independent publishing over the summer with my other professor, Lilian Crum.

The book encompasses all of the out-of-the-box thinking that was accomplished during the period these students tinkered around for their thesis. They provided photographic documentation of their progress through the class, and I was tasked with creating a book to accompany the thought.

It ended up being printed as a soft-cover book with great colors. If you ever want to see a copy in person, ask me and I'll bring it to show you. (It's pretty awesome – but I owe a lot of that to the students that did good work. I just got to lay it out and add some cool graphic touches!)

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