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Creatures & Monsters— Personal Art, Commissions

2023-Ongoing Ink, Paper, Print, Digital

Cute and Classic

I've developed a unique style for drawing creatures, which ironically stems from my lack of skill in drawing them. Fortunately, people have taken a shine to it.

Here is a collection of monsters I drew at the 2023 Monster Drawing Rally at MOCAD in Detroit, along with some additional creatures I've created since then.

Creatures Just... Doing Things

Personal, Ongoing
I utilize these to explore various shading techniques, color schemes, poses, concepts, and so on.

Wedding Gift Monster Commission

Commissions, 2023
Following the 2023 Monster Drawing Rally, I was approached for a commission based on a drawing I created there. A series of five creatures were crafted and distributed as wedding gifts to the groomsmen of the groom.

Creatures in Boxes

Personal, Ongoing
These designs were crafted to fit within a 3x3 square, ideal for stickers and various other concepts I had in mind.

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